Wetroom Vs Bathroom Renovations. Which Is Best?

Wetroom Vs Bathroom Renovations. Which Is Best?

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, you might be pondering the growing popularity of wetrooms versus bathrooms. To make this choice, you need to weigh up multiple factors and today we are here to help work through the important questions.

Right, let’s clean up this debate now.

What Is A Wetroom?

The major defining characteristic between a wetroom and a bathroom is the nature of the room’s floor. In a wetroom, there is a seamless floor between the main room area of the bathroom and the shower area. The floor levels and the floor finish are homogenous.

There is no step up or down into the shower and the walkthrough is clear with no door into the shower area.

A bathroom can have a shower or a bath or both or an integrated shower over the bath. The shower will have a distinct delineation.

Would A Wetroom Suit You?

Wetrooms have soared in popularity with homeowners, interior designers and architects.

A wetroom is a good option if you have an unusual shape to use as a bathroom as they are very economical in their use of space. They are also more thoroughly waterproofed due to their open plan arrangement and therefore flooding risks are minimised.

Lastly, they are easier to style and you can have a lot of fun with tiling details from sublime, spa styling to dramatic patterns that pop. Most commonly, a wetroom commerical vinyl is a very ecconomical option and is widely used by our older customers to future proof their home for when the need to have their bathroom more accessable due to the potential need to use a wheelchair. It is also a great option for disabled customers.

Would A Regular Bathroom Suit You?

A regular bathroom should not be written off, it can play an excellent role in your enjoyment of your home. If you have a particular style of heritage home then a bathroom would be a style appropriate choice.

If you are a new family, then a bath would be a handy addition to have for bathing young children or babies.

If you are a lover of deep soaks in a bubble bath or aromatherapy bath every now and then, then a wetroom will not suit you in the long run. While a wetroom may be appealing now, when the day comes that you are yearning for a soak, you will miss that bath.

The Impact On Your Home’s Value

In order to assess whether your wetroom or bathroom choice will enhance your property value you will need to consider a few factors.

Target Market

A bathroom will contribute a minimum of five per cent of a property’s value to the resale value and up to ten per cent. You should think about your target market when doing this assessment. Will your buyers be new families with little children? Then they’ll need bathrooms. Are they established families with older kids? Are they elderly or disabled? Then wetrooms will be suitable.

Size & Quantity

If your bathroom is leaning towards being a big size, for example, 14 square metres, then a wetroom that includes a bath would be a good combo option.

If your bathroom is a small space and is the only bathroom for the house then a wetroom might be an inconvenience to some buyers.

A wetroom is also a good option if there is a 2nd bathroom.

Still not sure? Give us a call & we’ll help you with Upper Hutt bathroom renovation questions!