Water Storage Tanks

Water Collection Tanks In Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt

When it comes to the easiest way to collect water and rainwater, above-ground water tanks are by far the easiest and most popular option. These water storage tanks in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt are great solutions for rainwater tank needs. The upfront investment is accessible for the equipment, the labour costs are low, requiring minimal preparation and installation. Generally, there is very little disruption to your property as well, and no brick and mortar work needs to be done unless the site is not even at ground level.

Chat to us about the best water tanks in NZ for your water storage tanks and rainwater collection needs. Rainwater tanks can be used for the collection of rainwater, stormwater and other sources of water at your disposal. Simple to install, simple to maintain, simple to use – and affordable!

With the affordable price tag comes an impressive durability record as these water collection tanks need minimal water tank maintenance and water tank repair in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. There are a few durable colours you can choose, so you get an impressively strong tank that sits discreetly on your property. The quality products we use have reinforced domes which are extremely helpful when installing or servicing the setup. The exterior material is UV-stabilised and they are built to last, even in the tough climatic conditions of NZ.

Water Tank Installation And Maintenance

By choosing a water tank installation, you are increasing the value of your property through the cost-saving potential. We will help you choose from our supplier’s range of diverse above-ground water storage tanks.

Depending on the space available and the functionality required of the tank, you can choose from a six hundred litre capacity to a thirty thousand litre solution. So whether your property is residential, retail, commercial or industrial, there is a water tank installation solution for you.

These durable tanks are renowned for their leak-free convenience and easy to use access. Chat to our experienced team about a solution that fits your property and our usage needs.

They offer the perfect solution for stormwater storage and long-term water storage. The water can be used for laundry, run through filters for drinking, flushing toilets and watering your garden. Saving money and saving the planet.

Water Tank Repairs

When you have your smart water storage tank installation complete, you can schedule regular maintenance ahead of time. This is vital to achieve good water quality and protect your family from water-borne diseases.

Regular inspection and cleaning of your whole water collection system are important. Remember, your tanks are only one component. The gutters, storage tanks, water filters (if used) and the roof all need to be inspected for harmful substances and microorganisms. Chat to us with any questions you have.

Our decades of experience in residential rainwater catchment solutions in NZ will keep your water clean and safe to drink.

We recommend a scheduled maintenance of the whole system in the springtime, but regular gutter cleaning, once a month, is recommended. Your roof will be depositing leaves, moss, branches, etc., into the gutter. A gutter screen will catch bigger items, but smaller bits will still make their way through to the gutter and, if not cleaned, into your tank.