Water Leakage Repair

Pipe Leakage Repairs

If you need a pipe leakage solution, then you’re in the right place. With our decades of experience, we know how to effectively find the source of niggling leaks and sort out your pipe leakage repairs in Upper Hutt and beyond quickly. From a dripping tap, leaking toilet, drain repair services or a leak in your ceiling based pipes, we will quickly sort these out for you with minimal disruption to your day. Our water leak repair team are water wizards, and the quality of the leak repair is excellent.

Water leaks are not only confined to your home. These could pop up in your driveway, garage, garden or walkways. This type of water leak repair in Lower Hutt or Upper Hutt is often the sign of a bigger problem – an underground burst pipe repair requirement.

Tap repairs are a common call out that we attend to, and there is nothing more annoying than a dripping tap the whole night long. The problems can range from washers to filters to the body of the mechanism.

We are able to repair a diverse range of makes and models and will help with ordering spare parts if it comes to that.

With modern technology solutions available, the solutions for pipe leakage repairs are often far less invasive and messy than in previous decades. We aim to create the least amount of mess, the least amount of disruption and the maximum result to leave you smiling and relaxed.

Toilet Pipe Leakage Solution

Leaking or blocked toilets are a problem that no property owner wants to be faced with. If your toilet is damaged, it can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your plumbing system. Wilco Plumbing has a team of experts that can quickly repair or replace your toilet – give us a quick call, and we’ll be there to help you. As your local plumbing professionals, we guarantee you a trustworthy team that delivers excellent work and customer service.

Our cheerful team will arrive quickly at your property, find the source of the problem and get your whiffy issue sorted out swiftly.

A sign that trouble is brewing in the loo department is when water is constantly trickling into the toilet bowl, or there is a persistent drip or soft hissing sound in the cistern or Geberit tank. You might also spot a developing stain on the back face of the toilet bowl. Despite the aesthetic negative, there is also a water bill and environmental negative.

Burst Pipe Repairs, Upper Hutt

Burst Pipe Repairs, Upper Hutt
A burst pipe can be a very destructive plumbing problem that can cause severe knock-on damage to your property. At Wilco, we take burst pipe repair calls very seriously and our team leaps into action immediately. Our many years of experience means we get to the heart of the problem quickly and prevent further threats to your property.

From collapsed ceilings and warped timber floorboards to damaged furniture, water can wreak havoc. These are signs of potential leak risk you can look out for:


  • Damp or discoloured carpet near water areas (e.g. kitchen, shower)
  • Discoloured patches on ceiling
  • A damp smell or musty odours
  • Water appearing in unusual areas
  • Delaminating paint
  • Lower water pressure
  • Hissing sounds in the walls