Should You Choose A Wall Or Floor Vanity Installation In Upper Hutt?

Should You Choose A Wall Or Floor Vanity Installation In Upper Hutt?

A vanity with its accompanying mirror is usually the centrepiece of your bathroom. It also usually incorporates various elements from the bathroom design and can be used to ground the overall look. What, however, will the driving factors be behind choosing a wall-mounted and floor-mounted vanity?

Here is our overview and tips relating to these two vanity installation options in Upper Hutt.

Advantages Of Wall-Mounted Vanity

A wall-mounted installation has immediate obvious benefits such as making cleaning below it very simple. The other benefit (subject to your design) is that if you are aiming for a contemporary look then this vanity will benefit your design.

Here are the other pros you get from a wall-mounted vanity:

Wall mounting enhances the sleekness of a contemporary look and feel and they also add a stronger “designer” feel. The effect of floating adds to a feeling of more free-flowing space and minimalism. As vanities are often quite large and “chunky”, with dimensions of 1500 x 500 mm for a double vanity, a wall mounting reduces the overall chunky feeling and makes the vanity seem much lighter. The vanity therefore visually consumes less space in the bathroom.

Another design outcome is that a wall mounting creates stronger horizontal lines which add to any other calming elements you have installed.

With a wall mount, you can also play with different planes so that you can have an asymmetrical design with multiple layers. You can also adjust the height at which it is mounted which makes it more versatile.

As stated above, it is easier to clean around a wall-mounted vanity with no difficult or crusty corners or scuff marks on kickplates.

Disadvantages Of A Wall-Mounted Vanity

A wall-hung vanity has less vertical space than a floor-mounted unit so you lose storage space. Is storage critical for you? Can you solve it with a wall cabinet or an asymmetrical extension?

Wall mountings also have to go into masonry walls or reinforced drywalling. They are not great options for old buildings with sunbaked bricks as the latter crumble over time and the unit becomes loose.

Advantages Of A Floor Mounted Vanity

A floor-mounted vanity is most commonly used in classic designs and comes with these advantages.

As mentioned above, the floor-mounted option offers you more storage space straight away. With their extra vertical space, you can also adjust the design to include deeper drawers for more complex equipment or bottles.

While they are more classic in their style, they also work well in an eclectic design where you combine retro items mid-century-modern with contemporary elements.

Disadvantages Of A Floor Mounted Vanity

The design preparation of the floor-mounted vanity has to be very precise and pretested as you cannot adjust its height once it is manufactured. If, for example, you buy a new basin in future that is deeper (i.e. with taller sides) you cannot drop the height of the vanity to accommodate this practically whereas you can with a wall-mounted installation.

Floor-mounted vanities take up more space visually and look bulkier even though their bulk is only fractionally more than a floating vanity.


Choose wall-mounted vanities for smaller or contemporary bathrooms and indulge in a floor-mounted vanity for a classic or large bathroom.

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