Should I Book A Water Tank Repair Or Replace It?

Should I Book A Water Tank Repair Or Replace It?

Water tanks are very popular for collecting rainwater or other natural water sources and even as a destination for back-washed pool water. They can save you thousands of litres per year. As with all tanks, they have a lifespan or are subject to unexpected damage. If there are leaks or cracks in your Upper Hutt water tank, you will need to decide whether a repair or replacement is appropriate.

Read through our helpful article to guide you through this decision. Of course, if you have any doubt, please call us and we will be happy to chat over the phone.[insert click to call button 0800 945 261]

To Repair Or To Replace

That is something that Hamlet did NOT say but we digress. Firstly, to take two steps back. In order to avoid repairs to your water tank, it is advisable to regularly check up on them. Call us over every six months to do a quick check on the quality of the connections and the outer skin of the tank. It’s a quick and easy check for a professional eye and will ensure you don’t have 3000 litres of water bursting over your property. We would spot something that is not connected to the tank but could be affecting its longevity.

But what if a potential repair need has presented itself? It will need to be addressed immediately AND correctly especially if the tank is under pressure from its contents.

A minor repair of a sneaky leak might be an easy DIY fix IF you have the correct, water-proof, non-toxic materials but a more complex repair is best undertaken by a professional.

If a plumber advises that your tank will not be returned to full efficiency or strength even with a professional repair then it might be time for a replacement.

Are Repairs Simple To Do?

A plastic water tank is easier to patch but the amount of damage and age and quality of the plastic will inform the final decision. With severe damage on the cards, replacement is your best option or you may be routinely repairing something which will cost more long term.

Note: If water is leaking out, even slightly, then that is a pathway for contaminants to get in such as mosquito eggs, sand, silt and bacterial contaminants from animal faecal matter. If there is metal corrosion or fissures in concrete tanks then contamination will also occur. In all these cases, the risk of bursting increases by the day (or hour).

If you are in doubt don’t hesitate to call us over. A simple repair may give many years of service from your tank

Book a water tank repair in Upper Hutt today!