Renovations Specialists Advise On Planning To Do Before Starting A Project

Renovations Specialists Advise On Planning To Do Before Starting A Project

There are many mantras in life to help us with different phases and even renovation projects have a mantra. It is preparation, preparation, preparation. We’re here to help you with the preparation and we will continue to help you throughout the project and after it is finished.

So, to start with, here is a list of questions that would help you with preparation.

Length Of Project Time

You will need to add together potential building consent, building times, buffer periods for unexpected items, time delays for out-of-stock items as well as scheduling.

Delivery Times Of Materials

Some items you order can be delivered in a day or two while others might take six to eight weeks. That time period needs to be added to your project start date. Don’t start a project with a “fingers-crossed” approach to the arrival of materials.

Storage Of Materials

The renovation team will need an area for the storage of work materials that they will need to access at different times. A garage, carport or small, temporary shed would be ideal.

Live-In Or Live-Out

No matter what you might imagine, renovation discomfort will be worse than you think if you live in the house. There is lots of fine dust that can get over everything even if doors are sealed off. Try and find a family granny flat to rent from them or another inexpensive option. It also helps the renovation work faster if they don’t have to work around a family. You could also rent an RV and live on-site so that you can monitor but not live in.

Most of the time our customers still live in the home and utilise their 2nd bathroom if they have one or use the local pools for when the shower cannot be used. We try to get the toilet up and running as soon as possible if it is the only toilet in the house.

Living In? Cooking, Washing & Bathing?

You could live in and set up a home in your garage. Set up a cooking and washing up area but if your whole home renovation will be longer than three months, you will soon grow to dislike the discomfort.

If your renovation is just one bathroom then that is not too difficult to deal with. You will need the use of a second bathroom however this might have days of no usage if both bathrooms are linked to the same hot water cylinder. Discuss this with your renovation specialist.

The renovations team will also need access to toilet facilities so it will either have to be your facilities or a hired temporary arrangement.

Are You Prepared For An Untidy Front Garden?

You might have a portable toilet in your front garden as well as tradie vans, some equipment, materials and a changing pile of rubble at some stage.

It is a necessary muddle so be visually prepared but do chat to the team about preventing spread. Also, notify your neighbours and listen to their concerns.

Coping With Noise

Put a bunch of physically busy people in any room and it will get noisy. Add a building project to that and it gets noisier. For stay-at-home parents or work-from-home professionals, this will be challenging. We recommend you find peaceful places that you can retreat to on a daily basis e.g. work from a library.

Feel free to ask us which will be the noisiest days and the less noisy days.

We hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable renovation project.

More questions? No problem. Call your renovations specialist today!