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Wetroom Vs Bathroom Renovations. Which Is Best?

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, you might be pondering the growing popularity of wetrooms versus bathrooms. To make this choice, you need to weigh up multiple factors and today we are here to help work through the important questions. Right, let’s clean up this

4 Signs It Is Time For A New Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Instead of waiting until your hot water cylinder fails, leaving you stranded without any hot water for baths, showers and washing dishes, it is helpful to recognise the signs of a fault with your hot water cylinder. While a new hot water cylinder installation should

3 Of The Latest Trends For Complete Bathroom Renovations In 2022

When embarking on complete bathroom renovations, you will have the perfect opportunity to turn your bathroom into one of the feature rooms of your home. Read on to learn more about what is trending in complete bathroom renovations in 2022 before deciding on the changes

Should You Choose A Wall Or Floor Vanity Installation In Upper Hutt?

A vanity with its accompanying mirror is usually the centrepiece of your bathroom. It also usually incorporates various elements from the bathroom design and can be used to ground the overall look. What, however, will the driving factors be behind choosing a wall-mounted and floor-mounted

How To Keep Your Rainwater In A Tank Clean

With long-term global water shortages always in the news, it can be very satisfying to feel that you are doing your bit by harvesting rainwater in tanks in Upper Hutt. What is not satisfying is finding that your carefully harvested water cannot be used for

Should I Book A Water Tank Repair Or Replace It?

Water tanks are very popular for collecting rainwater or other natural water sources and even as a destination for back-washed pool water. They can save you thousands of litres per year. As with all tanks, they have a lifespan or are subject to unexpected damage.

How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies In Your Lower Hutt Home

Avoiding the need to call an emergency plumber is definitely on everyone’s preferred list in Lower Hutt, never mind the world! Water can wreak havoc on a property in minutes and it is certainly something that homeowners should pay more attention to. Here are our