3 Of The Latest Trends For Complete Bathroom Renovations In 2022

3 Of The Latest Trends For Complete Bathroom Renovations In 2022

When embarking on complete bathroom renovations, you will have the perfect opportunity to turn your bathroom into one of the feature rooms of your home.

Read on to learn more about what is trending in complete bathroom renovations in 2022 before deciding on the changes you would like to incorporate.

  1. Wet Rooms And Walk-In Showers

The concept of a wet room is growing in popularity right now in complete bathroom renovations. This essentially means that you do away with a traditional shower cubicle with a door or curtains and have an “open-plan” bathroom. The floor in the shower area is waterproofed but is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom. The water will be drained away in the shower area and will not make the entire floor wet.

Wet rooms are wonderful for young children and anyone with mobility issues, as the shower is easily accessible and not restricted behind doors or curtains.

A walk-in shower may be partially enclosed with a low wall or glass but does not have any surrounding barriers – in other words, the shower floor is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom, making it highly accessible.

  1. Choose An Undermount Basin For Complete Bathroom Renovations

Undermount basins are the prevalent choice for your bathroom renovation. This sleek installation is carried out from underneath the countertop, allowing for an elegant finish.

In addition to looking great, undermount basins are easier to keep clean and are big space savers, which is especially useful for smaller bathrooms with limited counter space.

  1. Bringing In Nature And Light

Trending right now are bathrooms that focus on nature, creating a more natural and serene environment when doing complete bathroom renovations.

You can achieve this more natural look by incorporating some or all of the following:

  • Add more plants, either in floor standing, countertop or hanging plants. Plants that thrive in streamy, humid bathrooms include orchids, air plants, mosses, begonias and bromeliads.
  • More natural lighting – gone are the days when the bathroom window was the tiniest one in the house. Bring more natural lighting into your bathroom with large windows (with frosted glass where necessary) and skylights.
  • Modern light fittings – just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean the light fitting has to be boring – choose from the exciting range of bathroom-friendly fixtures to update the look when doing complete bathroom renovations.

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