A simple, robust and efficient solution for the preparation of tree sites
  • Rakes vegetation into rows to suit planting regime
  • Provides excellent access for planting
  • Allows coverage of difficult-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for steep terrain
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Reliable and virtually maintenance-free
  • Low capital cost

Purpose-built for clearing vegetation
The Wilco Slash Rake is a specially designed excavator attachment for use in preparing tree sites unaffected by ground compaction. With its unique rake-in rake-out double action, it allows vegetation and forest debris to be raked into rows and compressed for efficient preparation of any planting site.

Provides excellent access for planting
By clearing forest debris into rows, planting areas are easily defined and able to be accessed by planters or for further work such as releasing pruning.

Allows coverage of difficult to reach areas
The Wilco Slash Rake can be used on steep terrain and on difficult or fragile land with little or no detrimental effect. Its double-sided action allows awkward areas such as corners and swampy edges to be efficiently covered.

Virtually maintenance free
Wilco's one-piece robust construction requires no moving parts or fittings, allowing virtually problem-free operation. The rake can be adapted to fit any standard excavator.

Reduces environmental impact
The Wilco Slash Rake eliminates the need to burn slash, allowing nutrients to be retained in the soil and achieving a more environmentally acceptable site preparation regime than other methods.



Wilco Double-sided Forestry Excavator Rake
Description: One-piece excavator rake attachment
Models: 20T and 12T to fit two standard sizes of excavators
Construction: Fabricated steel - hardfaced on ground engaging areas
Weight: 20T  1000kg
12T  640kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): 20T  2320mm x 900mm x 1300mm
12T  1800mm x 750mm x 1000mm
Excavator Compatibility:

Can be fitted to any standard excavator boom