A simple, robust and efficient land preparation solution for clay soils and difficult-to-manage sites

  • Rakes, rips and cultivates the soil in one operation
  • Excellent survival and growth rates
  • Reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • Better utilisation of productive land
  • Proven cost savings
  • Low capital cost
  • Minimal environmental impact

Patented Method and Design

Achieves superior survival and growth rates
Tests show consistent results of 95% or better survival rates using the Wilco cultivation method. After five years tree growth is up to 20% higher and 10% greater diameter than trees planted using other site preparation methods.

Turns unmanageable planting sites into productive forest
The Wilco Spot Cultivator is an efficient and reliable cultivation option for a variety of marginal or problem sites, such as heavy (clay) or compacted soils, heavily stumped areas with high logging slash, frost or climate affected ground, wet or swampy areas, and ground which is susceptible to erosion. Wilco is consistently effective in all of these conditions.

Low environmental impact
By cultivating only where the tree is to be planted, ground impact can managed within acceptable environmental controls. Less damage to the soil allows more productive land for planting.

Virtually maintenance free
Wilco's one-piece robust construction requires no moving parts or fittings, allowing virtually problem-free operation on any type of excavator.

And of course, unbeatable value
Compared to alternative mechanical cultivation solutions, Wilco offers forestry owners and contractors high profitability for a low capital outlay.